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We fully understand each customer / Industry requirements are unique and different. We Qtrack truly a solution based approach company instead of product based. Based on customer need we offer solution with suitable products and service.

  • Educational sector
  • Fleet/Transport industry
  • Pets and Animals

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Educational sector


Schools / Collages nowadays have the immense responsibility of ensuring it’s students’ safety and security both inside the campus as well as in its transport vehicles. A package of personal trackers for children and vehicle trackers for its fleet will help in considerably upping the safety quotient both inside and outside the campus.

QTrack School Bus GPS Tracking solution gives you in real time the location of your students while he or she is travelling to or from school. The system also allows the management to manage the vehicles effectively and very well organized & view a live video stream of the activities within the bus. This prevents ragging and other such activities from happening within the bus. Parents get notification as to when student enters or alights from the bus via text message along with the location and time of the activity. The estimated time of arrival of Bus is also notified to parents so that time is not wasted waiting for the bus and avoids unnecessary calls to the School transport manager.

Customized solutions can be made available according to each Institution needs.

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  • SMS notification to the parents upon the entry/exit of their kids from school bus
  • Parents alerted about the expected time of arrival of the bus, when the bus starts its journey
  • Live video streaming feature available to monitor activity of students and driver inside the bus
  • School Authorities alerted incase of over speeding by the bus driver
  • Sends an alert when the device attached to the school bus is tampered with
  • Option of geofencing, wherein a geographical perimeter/boundary can be set for your school bus, upon crossing which you receive an alert
  • Device has a battery-backup of up to 6 hours, if disconnected from the bus
  • Stores retrievable data, even if the vehicle goes beyond the network area
  • SMS reminders, when the vehicle will be due for servicing
  • RFID integrated supported so school management can use for School IT system integration.

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  • Superior service for helps differentiating the school
  • Tracks movement of school bus from anywhere
  • Bad driving practices like over speeding is brought to notice ensuring safer driving
  • Cuts cost by using efficient routes and also by preventing fuel pilferage
  • Unwanted behavior such as ragging, bullying, etc monitored and prevented
  • Response to emergency situations becomes easy as the exact location of the school bus is known
  • Better accountability to parents and garner a goodwill

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Fleet/Transport industry


Running a fleet of vehicles is no easy job, calling each driver to check the location of the vehicle is just a waste of time and effort. Qtrack provides a comprehensive fleet management solution, in the process operation costs reduce because you save on fuel and labour expenditure through efficient routing and dispatching. You stay in control of your fleet at all times and receive alerts when your vehicle is being misused. Our solution simplifies fleet management.

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  • Easy to use Fleet Dashboard allows you to access overall fleet information on a single window
  • Alerts on over speeding, excessive idling, unnecessary stops to monitor undesired driving behavior
  • Customizable fleet report system helps in resource optimization leading to cost efficiency
  • Geofencing enables you to set a predefined area on the map for your vehicle, upon crossing which you will be alerted
  • Tamper-proof design and robust built
  • Consists of a back up battery, in case the device is disconnected from main power source it will continue to function
  • Alert sent when the device attached to the vehicle is tampered with
  • Stores retrievable data, even if the vehicle goes beyond the network area
  • Alerts when the vehicle is due for servicing

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  • Know the location of your fleet cars, trucks and buses at the click of a button
  • Helps in building a customer friendly business wherein you can inform the customer when their goods or services are about to arrive
  • Ease of recovery if the vehicle is stolen
  • Puts a stop to unsanctioned trips made by drivers
  • Fuel cost is minimized by identifying the most efficient route
  • Labor cost is reduced by keeping track on the actual number of working hours
  • Can review the driving habits of hired drivers with inputs on over speeding
  • In case of a breakdown/accident, drivers can be located
  • Reduces  telephone bills by eliminating the need to make calls to drivers
  • Detailed reports to optimize the business

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Pets and Animals


Pets tend to get hyperactive, tying them down to avoid losing them is quite in-human. The answer to it could be a GPS Pet Tracker. OGTS pet tracker can be easily attached to the pet’s collar. It helps to keep a tab on its exact location. You will be alerted when your pet jumps the geofence. The OGTS pet tracker also tells you if your pet is getting sufficient exercise and when its next doc’s appointment is due.

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  • Monitors your pets activity levels 24/7
  • Option of Geofencing, wherein a geographical perimeter/boundary can be set for your pet, upon crossing which you receive an alert
  • Device is completely waterproof
  • Long battery life
  • Low battery alerts
  • Device stores retrievable data, even if the pet is beyond the network area

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  • Helps you track your pet’s location with a simple click
  • Peace of mind
  • Allows the owner to go directly to where their pet is and bring them home safely, when lost
  • Easily attachable device