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With increasing violence against children / women’s / Elders staying home alone , the Personal tracking devices immensely assist in safeguarding, tracking and rescuing them before occurrence of any untoward incident. Personal trackers are portable devices that can be attached to your body or to your accessories. The tracking devices constantly provide real time monitoring of location parameters. The devices also incorporate additional features like SOS alert, safety parameter setup etc. In case of a contingency, the SOS panic button can be pressed to raise an alarm. We are also looking at these devices helping the active elderly, mentally challenged/handicapped, military and related government defense departments, pets and animals in zoos and various businesses (sales force, parcel tracking etc. ).

In today’s scenario, where personal security and safety has become extremely fragile especially for the fairer sex and certain professionals working in high security industries;

[h3 type=”heading” align=”left”]Safe Tracker[/h3]

Compact device that can be Hang over the neck, key chain or waist belt . High quality fancy look:

  • Live Tracking
  • Tracking On Demand.
  • Panic Button.
  • Listen In. Auto SMS Trigger to three pre-configured numbers

  • Get the location of the user by simply sending a SMS. No need of internet or a Smart Phone(only if authorized by the user)
  • Customizable alert and safety zones of known locations of the user with SMS alerts, to the guardian/administrator, when the user enters or leaves the defined zones (only if authorized by the user)
  • Panic Button Services, which triggers Auto SMS to three pre-configured mobile numbers with location information
  • Live GPS Tracking on Maps with various MIS reports (only if authorized by the user)
  • Listen in Facility to the authorized administrators, which helps to assess the situation in the user’s surrounding by making a phone call

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[h3 type=”heading” align=”left”]How Does the Device Work?[/h3]

  • The Customer buys this device and will get a comprehensive user’s guide along with the device
  • The Customer will have to buy a SIM card (Postpaid or Prepaid) which has incoming calls and SMS facility and insert the SIM card in the slot provided. (Available with all the leading operators @ Rs.59/- per month.)
  • The Customer will log onto the MeSafe website and request activation.
  • The Customer will choose the options available like Live Tracking or Tracking on Demand. The Customer will also enter the Recipient Mobile numbers to enable receiving the SMS.
  • After getting the Device Activated, the Customer will carry the device along with him/her, all the time.
  • If the Customer has opted for Live Tracking, the moments of the Customer will be tracked every minute and a live report is available to him in the Web Application. Any Authorized person can log onto the application after entering a login id and password and view the exact location of the person carrying the device along with various reports.
  • Tracking on Demand facility is also available.
  • At times of danger or crisis, the user can press the Panic Button provided in the device. Upon pressing the Panic Button, automatic SMS will be triggered to the Recipient mobile numbers with a SOS message and also the location information of the user. These messages will keep coming every five minutes for the next three hours.
  • Authorized Users can also log onto website and track the exact location of the Device user on the Map.